Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two Rainbows at Once

Two Rainbow in the sky                                          © All Rights Reserved

Have you ever saw two rainbows in the sky ? If not, the see the picture. It shows you two rainbows & it happened near marine drive, Mumbai.Have fun & keep watching this for more interesting pictures 

Lights within clouds

Lights effects on Water !!                                          © All rights Reserved 

It was a sunny-cloudy day.You find it different ?Yes it was. That day I was in Mumbai, with my father for some business work.As we were walking near marine drive in afternoon, feeling so hot indeed. Alongside, I found clouds over sea.It was a pretty good scene to watch. You can see in the picture itself showing shadow of clouds over water,but , on the other part  you can also find lights on  sea like something is going to happen there & that's why it was focused with lights.
Photo courtesy- Vinil

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sun behind Clouds

Sun Set
A brilliant Sun set view.

Near Sea

It was a pleasant sunny day where myself, with my friend visited Marine Drive, a sea coastal area.It is indeed charming and cool place.Cool breeze touches your body gives an amazing feeling even in a hot day.Long road surrounding this marine drives forms a half moon like shape in night, because of road lights .We wandered Mumbai, including many charming places like Marine Drive, India Gate, a National Museum, Maha laxmi Temple.